International Co-ordination

(Bangladeshi Exhibitors participating abroad)

With the onset of globalisation and the whole world becoming one marketplace, any industry needs to communicate and have a dialogue with its international customers. This has led to increased participation of Bangladeshi companies in international exhibitions and also enhanced interest from foreign exhibitors in Bangladeshi exhibitions. It is important that organisers who want to attract foreign participation make sure that the visitors’ experience is pleasant and fruitful from a business perspective. This will ensure repeat and possibly enhanced participation from that country. Also Bangladeshi companies from your industry might want to look at expanding their business overseas through participation in select exhibitions abroad. But a lot of them might be holding back thinking about the hassles of travel, stay, logistics, infrastructure, co-ordination and end up as just visitors which means that a huge opportunity of building their company’s brand in the eyes and minds of an international audience would be lost.

Presenting Ananta Events  – International Co-ordination Division which will take care of all these and more.

For Local Exhibitions targeting foreign participants and visitors

:::   Marketing of exhibitions abroad
This will include branding efforts in target countries through PR, advertising, meetings with industry bodies, stall booking facilitation.

:::   Foreign delegate facilitation
Provide entire logistic support for foreign exhibitors as well as visitor groups to make their visit fruitful. This will include all their travel formality, stay, travel in Bangladesh, arranging one to one meets with local suppliers/ clients etc.

For Bangladeshi Exhibitors participating abroad

:::   Information & Booking of space
We can provide exhaustive information of relevant international trade shows and book stalls on your behalf.

:::  Logistic Support
We can arrange for the entire logistics of your participation in terms of travel formalities, stay, exhibition stall design and fabrication in international venues.

We have network office in – India, China, USA, Dubai, Europe, Brazil, Africa etc.