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Influencer Marketing Agency in Bangladesh  

Ananta Events & Entertainment one of the best Influencer Marketing Agency in Bangladesh. Our Influencer Management Agency Service is adept at organizing and delegating Influencers as needed. We provide top class support to our customers and our talent. Additionally, our team’s ability to connect you to your desired influencers is second to none. We also Manage Social Media pages and our Influencers are trained to help your brand reach as many people as possible. Furthermore, our team is well versed in digital marketing and our experience makes us veterans in the field. We provide you with strategies that are best suited to your business model.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to any marketing done via technology. This could refer to an advertisement seen on your phone, computer, tablet, etc. This type of marketing can take many forms, such as: Content marketing, Pay-per-click marketing, Affiliate marketing, Social Media marketing, etc. Social Media marketing is one of the most rewarding and difficult type of marketing. To make your marketing strategy thrive on social media it is crucial to make sure you reach the right audience. The simplest way to do this is to hire a Social Media Influencer.

Why do you need an Influencer?

Benefits of Influencer Marketing Bangladesh

A social media Influencer can directly connect a brand to their targeted audience. Furthermore, Influencer marketing adds a personal touch to a brands marketing. Such an addition is beneficial as it allows to create brand loyalty. The Influencers also benefit as a good brand can boost their image and help them better communicate.

Social Media Influencers Marketing

Social Media Influencers Marketing

Influencers on Social Media hold a great deal of power in the world of digital marketing. In recent years, Social Media has become a platform for marketing which cannot be ignored. However, to capitalize on this trend in this digital jungle, one needs a way to direct their marketing so it doesn’t get lost in the haystack that is social Media. To achieve this the best thing to do is hire a social media influencer.  A social media Influencer can focus and direct your products to your targeted consumers.

Where to find and promote influencers

Influencers of Bangladesh exist on all platforms. There are currently dozens of platforms out there. However, a few have cemented themselves as the platform of everyone’s choice in Bangladesh. These platforms include: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. Platforms such as these have allowed many influencers to grow their followings. For example; Rafsan TheChotobhai, Ridy Sheikh, Thoughts of Shams, TAWHID AFRIDI, aymansadiq10, Xefer, Jessia Islam etc. All influencers have their own content style and industries that they are connected too.

Rafsan TheChotobhai for example is a lifestyle content creator who reviews restaurants, hotels and more. Ridy Sheikh is a dancer whose content revolves around the entertainment industry and music. Thoughts of Shams and Tawhid Afridi are comedians who have a massive reach. Ayman Sadiq is a CEO of an educational organization, meaning his content is related to the education industry. Lastly, Xefer and Jessia are models, affiliating them with the fashion industry. Every influencer reaches a different group of people. Lifestyle influencer and comedians reach the younger generation best. Whereas influencers related more to education reach a wide age range of followers. Influencers of the entertainment industry reach a more diverse following with their content being shared more often by others. A brand can capitalize on this by using Instagram Influencer Marketing. Additionally, YouTube Influencer Marketing can be just as useful if not more.

How to do Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business

List of Influence we managing for Fashion and Lifestyle:

Nodi Chowdhury
Fariha Tasnim
Shoumik Ahmed
Salman Muqtadir
Twink Carol
Bengali Boin
Hamza Khan Shayan
Iftekhar Rafsan
Saba Chowdhury
Mehzabeen Ahmad
Sehba Adrita
Afsana Khan Tura
Ishrat Zaheen Ahmed

How to choose the right social Influencer for your brand

To choose the right influencer for your business in Bangladesh, you need to verify a few things:

  1. Is the influencer creating content that is applicable to your business?
  2. Do the influencers engage with their following?
  3. Is their content consistent or are they always changing to stay relevant?
  4. How often is their content shared?
  5. Is the influencer someone you would like your brand to be affiliated with?

An influencer must be chosen after answering all these questions. Influencers in marketing tend to create lifestyle content. As such, it is best to choose someone who may already use your product or might benefit from it. Other Influencer create specific content and can create content directly promoting a brand or good. For such influencers it is essential that a brand is honest and forthcoming about their products. It must also be ensured that the Influencer does not have any scandals. Any scandal can reflect badly on the brand. Finally, it is crucial that the brand and influencer share the same social message. This ensures a long and successful relationship.

What is a social media influencer?    

Social media Influencer or social influencer is a term we hear every day, but who are they? The answer: Social Influencers are individuals who possess a massive social media following. Their followings can be anywhere between 50,000 to 500,000 people. Such Influencers are divided into two groups; Micro Influencers, who have around 50,000 followers and Macro Influencers, Influencers whose follower count ranges from 100,000 to over 1 million. These individuals tend to create content based around their own lives. This attracts an audience that relate with the influencer on a personal level. Influencers tend to have a lot of respect within their communities. As such, their followers put a lot of weight on their opinions. These followers tend to receive any endorsement the influencer does as genuine advice.

Why choose us to find your right Influencers for your Brand ?

Our exceptional team at Ananta Events & Entertainment provide support according to our customers’ needs. Our influencer Marketing Agency is the top pioneering influencer agency in Dhaka Bangladesh. We are both a Micro Influencers Agency and a Top Macro Influencers Agency. Our team is connected to many Influencer marketing Companies. Furthermore, our Instagram Influencer Agency connects you to the top micro and macro Instagram influencers. Additionally, our YouTube Influencer Agency can connect you to any YouTuber of Bangladesh. Ananta Events & Entertainment are here to help in any shape and form.