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Exhibition Stall Design, 3d Exhibition Stall Design, Exhibition Design Layouts, Exhibit Display Designs are our Specialty and We are one of the leading Exhibition Stall Design Company in Bangladesh with two offices in Dhaka and Chittagong. 3d Exhibition Stall Design is highly precise field and our team of professionals ensures required precision is taken care through out the process.

We understand that an exhibition is the single most important place where manufacturers and purchasers meet. And nothing can be more attractive than an exhibition stall. Till date attractive exhibition stalls remain the most effective method of marketing. We firmly believe that exhibitions stalls are driven with an objective of establishing innovative concepts and intellectual ideas.

Exhibition stall Interior
Exhibition stall Interior

3D exhibition stall design company in Dhaka Bangladesh- We make 3D customized exhibition stalls as per particular requirements of a exhibition/fair. We are a team of trained and experienced who develop custom exhibition stall design as market and clients demand.  We make branded and matches international level of a fair or exhibition which is perfect to attract more customers. After the design is finalized by the customers, we start stall fabrication work with our in-house facilities. Apart from making 3D exhibition stalls, we also develop modular and portable exhibition kit solutions.

Exhibitions made successful with 3D exhibition stands:

In order to showcase your products and your company, it is important to present it with exhibitions. Your stand is to be made in a way that it impresses everyone and also unique from other competitors. Our 3D Stall modeling will be develop to transformed into an environment in the fair or exhibition. This would be the environment which brings the brand to the organization.

Benefits of 3D exhibition stalls:

The 3D modeling of exhibition stands is useful for organizations in a number of ways. For associations which are floundering to enhance their deals, these daises can be employed. There are associations which have managed their deals pitch but 3D exhibition daises are salutary to get commodity further than they ask. For associations which are showcasing new products, your exhibition cube must first be a unique bone in order to bait in further guests. Guests don’t forget your product when it’s presented from a 3D exhibition cube because the complete attention is made rich and fat towards the stage. They don’t hear or remember what the hand says but remembers the exhibition stage ever.

Ananta Events is one of the best 3D stall design Company in Dhaka Bangladesh. We work for 3D exhibition stalls offering everything required in a fair / Exhibition. We do exhibition stall design and development, planning, fabrication of 3D stall, custom design, interior designing and fabrication. Developing many types such as international event stall, corporate event stall and 3d exhibition stall. All these stalls are useful for exhibition, trade show display and more. We also work in a dedicated manner for the interiors which the customers can experience, feel and see the stall.

We provide the highest level of personalized customer service. Our technical team undergoes continuous technical training to ensure that your decisions best suit your needs. You can depend on us to assist you before, during and after every project or product purchase.

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