Friendly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is a Wedding/Event Planner?
A: Wedding/Event Planner is a professional whose training, expertise and contacts will help make your wedding/Event as close to perfect as it can possibly be. You can relax (as much as you can) and be a guest at your own wedding/Event.

Q: What makes Ananta Events & Wedding Planner the premier choice?
A: Not only we are available 24/7/365 by E-mail and during office hour by Phone, but the fact that we are family owned and operated with over 06 years of hospitality experience and we still exceed expectations and improve our dedication by furthering any education and certifications.

Q: Do we work at our choice able venues?
A: Yes, we work at any venues in Bangladesh. We provide Decoration, Catering & Event Management services at any venues of the country.

Q: Do we operate residence events?
A: Yes, we execute residence events of any sort.

Q: What is the procedure for working with you?
A: Please follow the easy steps for working with us. Contact us for your event, our Customer Care Division would like to provide you a convenient Appointment, According to the schedule we will arrange a meeting with you and finally based on our meeting we will execute your event.

Q. Do we execute any “Theme Wedding / Event”?
A.: Yes, we do execute any kind of Theme Wedding or Event based on color specification. We execute Theme Wedding events based on Season, Culture of the Wedding and our client’s demand. If you give us your color specification we will propose you a full color specific themed wedding proposal.

Q. What makes us different in Catering Service?
A.: We are one of the most prominent caterers of the country. We ensure food quality, standard, hygiene and health concern issues. You can also supervise the whole catering process from beginning to end. We care for your choice, taste and health.

Q: Do you offer any discount?
A: If we execute any Event/Wedding from beginning to end, we offer a handsome discount.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, check & Pay order

Q: Do I need to be there when you set up?
A: We ask that you or a representative of your party or facility be there to grant us access to your site. You do not need to be present during the time we are setting your space. If you are unable to be there during the arranged time, please let us know if there any special instruction within your shortest time so that we can execute as per your instruction.

Q: Do you offer services on holidays?
A: Yes, Ananta Events offers service on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Eid Festivals and on other holidays as well.

Q: I have a really tight budget…Can I really afford to spend money for hiring an event coordinator or full service planner?
A: The better question might be whether you can afford NOT to hire a planner. Event planners can advise you on the best way to utilize the budget you have. They know the vendors in their markets and can save you a lot of leg work looking for someone who can accommodate your budget. They also have invaluable experience with weddings and may have creative ideas they could share that are friendly to your budget. Additionally, full service planners can sometimes save you money with certain vendors by utilizing planner discounts.

Q: Can’t I plan my event/wedding myself?
A: Many people do choose to plan their own events, but do so without the extensive research and experience a professional planner has. Keeping track of the planning and the many details is often overwhelming. A planner has the training to plan and execute your event, while you sit back and enjoy!

Q: Do I need a contract with you?
A: Contracts are usually a good idea. Both the consultant and client benefit from expectations being made clear about what will be handled. Contracts are individualized for each client’s event and will specify the particulars of the event.

Q: Is hiring a wedding/event planner necessary?
A: Most couples find that they simply do not have the time necessary to visit every possible venue and vendor. Therefore, it makes sense to employ someone who can thoroughly research your ideas on your behalf. As more and more people work long hours and lead active social lives, planning a wedding can seem impossible to fit in without giving up other things that you enjoy.
Some couples recognize that they do not have the knowledge, experience or creativity of a wedding consultant, and feel more comfortable knowing that a professional is working behind the scenes. Not only can a wedding planner handle many of the time consuming, stress-inducing details, they can help make the planning itself more enjoyable. It is also very difficult to plan a wedding if you live someplace other than where the wedding will take place. In this situation, a wedding planner can be essential.

Q: What can I expect at the complimentary consultation?
A: This is a free, two-hour meeting where we can get acquainted with your requiremnt.


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