Ananta Events & Entertainment in leading Portable booth/Kiosk manufacture company in Bangladesh. To control pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading, we need to test rapidly in every ward in Dhaka and Chittagong Bangladesh. Now we are started producing Covid-19 Testing Booth Bangladesh. 

Ananta Event Bangladesh, is a Bangladeshi portable kiosk manufacturer of high-quality fixings and fasteners products since the last 12 years. We have a variety of Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Screws, Thread bars, Clamps, Rivets, Steel Wire, Rope, Screw Nails Raw Material of M.S. S.S 316, 304 grades and Brass. Our Products are well appreciated by Architects, Engineers and Consultants confirming the product Reliability and Durability.

Testing for COVID-19 remains one of the biggest challenges in the Bangladesh. As Bangladesh is huge population country, to cover all the population on testing campaign we need to develop mobile / portable Corona Virus Sample Collection Booth/kiosk all over the Bangladesh. This is a portable kiosk and very easy to carry and installation, so it can install in rural area in Bangladesh.

covid-19 testing booth bangladeshAnanta Events are developing this solution: outdoor screening centers that let you get a COVID-19 test, without having to come into direct contact with anyone else. We need Covid-19 Testing Booth in every zila and upozilla in Bangladesh!

We can also develop based on models used in South Korea, these patient screening centers resemble phone booths, and they allow people to get professional medical counsel, along with a COVID-19 swab test, contact-free. They are housed under medical tents, usually found just outside of emergency rooms, and can be manufactured quickly, then deployed to hospitals in need.

Each test center comes equipped with a transparent acrylic partition with sealed rubber gauntlet gloves embedded, which allow medical practitioners working with several people each day to take temperatures, nasal swabs, and listen to patients’ lungs and heart without being exposed. The booths are made of an aluminum composite material/ Wooden, which can be scored and folded to create a rigid structure.

Currently, most people with COVID-19 symptoms are staying at home until they become sick enough to need hospitalization (or medication). While these testing centers will be primarily used by symptomatic people seeking a test, they can eventually help contain the spread of coronavirus by testing asymptomatic people, too (as other countries have done) to ensure that citizens aren’t unknowingly passing the pathogen along.

Price Range: 30,000 – 58,000/-


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