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We are one of the experienced brand activation agencies in Bangladesh. Brand activation is about bringing that brand to life and bringing a tangibility to that engagement to remind.  The audience looks at this relationship as real or the brand is real and we are about more than just this transaction.

It is our brand’s policy to provide quality services to our customers at all times.

Our brand activation agency focuses on creating a genuine relationship between the brand and the consumer instead of just highlighting the product or service.

Event companies have many types of events to do in which brand activation is put on. Brand activation means a marketing discipline. Brand activation is the art of driving consumers through brand interaction and experience.

In short, the key aim of these sorts of campaigns is to get consumers to act and make their interest in the product.  It’s about bringing brands to life through experience and building long-term emotional connections. Continually improving our service is our top priority which is why we have been able to grab their attention. They need to align with what our company stands for. That’s where brand activation comes in.


Why is BTL marketing important in Bangladesh?

BTL activities help marketers spread brand awareness to the target consumers. It helps people connect with the brand and explain the benefits of a brand. The goal of our brand activation is to form an emotional connection between the audience and the brand. It can take many forms and make use of multiple channels. But no matter the method!

The objectives remain the same: drive action, inspire engagement, and build long-term customer relationships.

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BTL & Road Show Promotion Activities

BTL Marketing Services in Dhaka, BTL Promotional Activities in Dhaka, BTL Activities Service in Dhaka, Best & Top BTL Promotional Company in Bangladesh. We are in BTL Promotion Activities in Dhaka, BTL Ads in Dhaka and If your marketing mix has a wish list of extensive BTL promotion in Ananta Events like exhibitions, sponsorship activities, road shows (with canopies, centres, kiosks & promoters). Or, if your brand requires diverse creative outlets like a mascot, flash-mob, unique promotion, activation, college & small activities for reaching out to your target audience in targeted areas, BTL promotions in Dhaka are surely the way to go then. We also set up stalls and diversify into rural marketing; in other words, we sort out the right BTL marketing strategy in Bangladesh, enabling you to reach your consumers directly.

We are here to provide you the best suited Artist & Celebrities for Events, Wedding Shows, and Appearances & Brand Endorsements for your event at the best rates.

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